Tufted/TaftedTufted carpets are a kind of handmade carpet that has no knot. In fact it is made by injection of pile material into a base. To inject pile into the base they use a special form of needle, and to make the pile material stay on the base they usually use glue. At the end to make it look better and stronger they attach a fabric on the back.

For pile or base, any material can be used, however most tufted carpets have wool as pile and cotton as base material.

Because tufted carpets, unlike other hand made carpets, doesn’t need a frame to hold the base, these carpets can be made in any irregular shape, for example an animal.

Tufted carpets are made in most eastern countries, like India, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. Since the price of tufted carpets are much lower than other hand made carpets, due to the way of manufacturing, it is mostly used in busy places like hotels and offices, and it is finding its place in today’s market around the world.

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